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About College Health Stores

We believe that the body is designed to be healthy, and that good health is everyone’s birthright. We believe it is not the physician who cures the illness, but the body that heals itself when given the care and nutrients with which it was designed to operate.


We believe the proliferation of non-nutritional food and toxins in our environment debilitate the human body and hinder its ability to heal itself. We believe that many chronic illnesses are the expression of our modern-day way of life. Many suffer from issues such as chronic fatigue, gas and bloating, for example, that may be harbingers of developing disease states.


These beliefs were taught to us by Dr. William D. Kelley.


William D. Kelley, D.D.S., through his own experience with pancreatic cancer and study of work done by medical practioners before him, developed individual protocols and nutritional formulas to address matters of degenerative disease. College Health Stores, owned and operated by Dr. Kelley’s children since 1995, is the only organization making Dr. Kelley’s formulations available and facilitating training for health practioners, to ensure this valuable work not only continues but evolves, and is therefore available to every man, woman and child seeking to regain a state of optimal health.

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